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Secrets revealed in Chinatown vanish?

When you view PenderMain.YesIType.com (Internet: http://pendermain.yesitype.com ) via a smartphone or tablet computer near the intersection of Pender Street with Main Street in Chinatown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, you can access special information and videos. Far from that street corner, a person viewing PenderMain.YesIType.com can view some of the information and some videos - but does not access all of the information and videos that you, when near that street corner, may view.

This fuller, perhaps richer experience for people who have arrived in that neighbourhood is not the only puzzling trait of PenderMain.YesIType.com . Your friend who - after a few days - decides to follow your advice to view a specific video via PenderMain.YesIType.com might find that the link is no longer displayed from PenderMain.YesIType.com to that video.

Topics of items - linking to videos - that appear with each tap of a button at PenderMain.YesIType.com vary - seemingly randomly.

Picture a connect-the-dots puzzle where each dot appears, then vanishes - and then might eventually reappear at a seemingly unpredictable time in the future.

Each of those dots - or items, including videos - reflects yet another puzzle.

An example might be helpful.

Video-based and other information that has appeared fleetingly via the mysterious PenderMain.YesIType.com seems to suggest that credible evidence presently indicates that an object that is apparently at a location beyond the Solar System planet, Neptune, is likely to be some sort of spacecraft. The video and other information indicate that a disc-shaped apparently metallic-surface device transported on the object is likely to carry data. Some of the data seem likely to represent sounds having frequencies that are within the frequency range of sounds typically regarded as audible to Homo sapiens. There appears to be a high probability that some of the data, if decoded correctly, would present, in essence, images using wavelengths of light typically regarded as visible to Homo sapiens. Some of those putative sounds and visual images could quite possibly be expected to provide valuable clues relating to the system - or perhaps lifeforms - that somehow sent that object into space in the past. There is apparently a high probability that more than one spacecraft, each transporting a data-carrying disc, are at locations beyond the Solar System planet, Neptune. Occasionally available via PenderMain.YesIType.com has been a hyperlink connecting towards a research facility that reportedly has been working in relation to radio-wave-based telecommunication with those objects.


Some people might feel that that description is ridiculous and might wonder:

"Wait, is this article really expecting me to believe that some spacecraft is actually flying out there with some sounds on some disc - beyond one of the most distant planets of the Solar System? Is this laughably absurd nonsense or what? Am I next expected to believe that that spacecraft disc is carrying, what, music - like maybe, ha, a concerto - or, no, ha ha, maybe how about some voices - from some beings somewhere on some planet at, what, some time way back in the past? Is this some kind of joke? Oh, wait, is the article now trying to have me believe that there are actually more than one spacecraft way out there - just happening to be carrying around, what, some sounds and pictures? And what kind of reputable research facility would dare to work on radio contact with those supposed spacecraft or objects or whatever out there? Should I immediately dismiss this entire article as not factually accurate - and stop wasting my time on this article?"

A brief video, which does not mention spacecraft or the Solar System, might be of interest presently.

If you elect to defer judgment briefly and to continue reading, then you might find that, by the end of this article, you might discover relevant answers that might surprise you.

The emergence - and unusual behaviour - of PenderMain.YesIType.com can give rise to questions. How, for example, does what PenderMain.YesIType.com displays to a person near the street corner where Pender and Main connect differ from what PenderMain.YesIType.com displays to a person located elsewhere? How close does a person need to be to that street corner in order to access the insider experience? Are persons who - or organizations, including businesses, that - are typically based in that neighbourhood aware that this enigmatic phenomenon is present in the neighbourhood? What will be the impact of the emergence of PenderMain.YesIType.com on that neighbourhood, which is apparently potentially in the midst of substantial change, reflected in terminology ranging from Chinatown revitalization to gentrification to heritage preservation? Will residents of the neighbourhood, the metropolis, and the planet ask, "Where is this phenomenon from? Why has it landed here? Why now?"

Persons visiting PenderMain.YesIType.com apparently are introduced to making special connections. Some might speculate about that connection-making as well as the use of other creativity-related techniques indicated via PenderMain.YesIType.com - and the corresponding results. How, for example, will those results affect local, regional, and international social, political, and economic conditions? Might the use of the creativity-related techniques lead to improvements in jobs or in education - or in science, technology, or engineering? How might people use the creativity-related techniques to improve the health of individuals and communities, make clean water available wherever and whenever needed, eradicate extreme hunger, or assure sustainably the safeguarding of the environment and equitable prosperity - or, indeed, achieve other helpful outcomes?

How might persons use PenderMain.YesIType.com to invent the future - or to create multiple futures?

There presently seem to be many questions - and not as many answers - that connect to PenderMain.YesIType.com .

The description relating to the "helpful example" presented in this article seems to claim that a spacecraft beyond the planet, Neptune, might likely be transporting a disc carrying data representing sounds and visual images. Is that claim factually accurate? A PenderMain.YesIType.com item that might be of interest in this regard refers to: Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.

If a person cannot find that item presently at PenderMain.YesIType.com , the person might search via the Internet for: Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 .

For some people, deciding whether to continue reading this article beyond the description relating to the "helpful example" perhaps involved risk-taking. For example, a person might wonder, "Should I take the risk to continue reading this article? If I continue reading and if the entire article is still not satisfying, then maybe I might have wasted some moments on the article. However, if I continue reading and if the article provides me with a valuable, perhaps surprising, learning experience that might be helpful, then my time with this article will have been well spent."

A person who abandoned reading the article immediately after the person had encountered the description introducing the concept of the potential presence of the spacecraft might continue to assume that the "helpful example" is just about some preposterous notion of a spacecraft presence beyond Neptune - and might even tell other persons that interpretation.

However, a person who continued reading to this sentence in the article might note that the "helpful example" might perhaps not necessarily be or focus on the description introducing the concept of the potential presence of the spacecraft. The person might note that the "helpful example" might instead focus on how the person might address a perhaps incomplete-information presentation whose presentation-style appears to be reminiscent of initially-seemingly-similar previously-encountered presentations or perspectives, on how the person might address risk-taking, and on how the person might address deferring judgment. Deferring judgment is perhaps regarded as an important element in the application of divergent thinking.

When viewing information at PenderMain.YesIType.com , a person might note, for example, "The information in this video is (or is not) interesting", and then ask, "What helpful ideas might I generate when I use this video and the next video to make connections?"

Enjoy PenderMain.YesIType.com .

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