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  • How might YesIType help me?
    • Using YesIType, you can type in your preferred language. You do not need to use a keyboard.
    • YesIType might help:
  • How might I start using YesIType?
    1. Choose a language (or choose a language section):
    2. Choose a subsection, and then, in that subsection, under Symbol Subsets, select a button. For example,
      • tap on the button,
      • use the mouse to click on the button.
    3. Wait a few moments. A new window or new tab might appear.
    4. If a question that is similar to "Do you want to continue running the script?" is displayed, then:
      1. Indicate that you want to continue running the script; for example, select the Continue button.
      2. Wait a few moments.
      3. Repeat these steps until the window or tab has been completely filled with information, and a question that asks you whether you want to continue is not displayed.
    5. Use the instructions that appear in the new window or in the new tab.
    6. If one of the symbols that you want to type does not appear in that window or tab, select another button in the Symbol Subsets buttons. Repeat this step until all of the symbols that you are trying to type are available in the windows or tabs.
  • I need to type an address of a World Wide Web site. What should I do?
  • The information is not displayed properly. Many "?" or rectangular symbols appear. What should I do?
    • If you are using the "Automated Translator" or another automated translation service, try using the "View page in its original Language" link, or try viewing this page directly without use of the automated translation service.
    • Make sure that you are using the appropriate language / encoding in the user agent or browser software.

      For example, for some browser software (for example, Mozilla Firefox 1.5):

      1. In the Menu Bar, select (or click on) View.
      2. Select Character Encoding.
      3. Choose a language / encoding that is appropriate for the page which you are viewing.
        For example:
        1. Select More Encodings.
        2. Select Unicode.
        3. Select Unicode (UTF-8).
    • Make sure that the appropriate fonts and language support are available. For example:
      • If appropriate, use an appropriate LiveCD or LiveDistro; for example, you might select
        • a LiveCD or LiveDVD containing the Ubuntu desktop distribution, which might have fonts and support for various languages;
          information in several languages might be available;
        • a LiveCD or LiveDVD or LiveDistro with fonts and support for the language of interest to you
  • What is YesIType?

    The YesIType World Wide Web site

    • is multilingual
    • helps you to write in various languages when you cannot or do not want to use a keyboard
    • is of interest to
      • business owners and managers
      • professionals and other staff members
      • tourists and other travelers
      • tourism services providers, including those in hotels and cruise ship services
      • passenger transportation services providers, including those in airports, airlines, and rail, bus, and taxi services
      • emergency services team members
      • health care team members
      • teachers, faculty members, and other education community members
      • students
      • people seeking better employment or a career change
      • tutors
      • immigrants
      • refugees
      • English as a Second Language or ESL students
      • bilingual counselors
      • employment counselors
      • survivors of domestic violence
      • volunteers, relatives, and friends
  • Where can I get YesIType cards to give to others?
    1. Download a sheet of YesIType cards. (Find out how to display a PDF file).
    2. From that downloaded file, print as many copies as appropriate.
    3. In each of those copies, separate the cards from each other.
  • If an abuser is electronically recording my passwords and my other private information that I type on the keyboard, how might I use YesIType?
    • Consider which (combination) of these options might help in your specific situation:
      • Perhaps use a LiveCD in combination with YesIType.
        Example scenarios might show how a LiveCD might be used with unEwasted (or donated recycled) computers.
      • Perhaps view MySafetyHere.
      • Perhaps you might use these steps to work offline:
        1. After this page has finished loading, tell your browser software (or user agent) to work offline.
          For example:
          1. In the Menu Bar, select File
          2. Select Work Offline (and a check-mark then appears nearby)
        2. Then, if appropriate, while you are not needing to use the network or Internet, perhaps temporarily disconnect the computer (or similar device) from the network and the Internet.
        3. Use YesIType.
        4. When you have finished typing or when necessary:
          1. Reconnect the computer (or similar device) appropriately.
          2. Tell your browser software (or user agent) to work online.
            For example:
            1. In the Menu Bar, select File
            2. Deselect Work Offline (and the check-mark nearby then disappears)
      • If feasible or appropriate, use another computer (or similar device) that is safer.



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